How Do I Know If My Window Tinting Is Legal?

Window tinting on your vehicle must always allow at least 35% of light to get through. Most of us don’t travel around with a meter to check whether that 35% is in line in terms of the vehicle we’re driving and so my suggestion is this, if you’re going to get your vehicle tinted go to a reputable dealer, go to somebody who does for this for a living, somebody who understands the law in Maryland and somebody who will make sure that your vehicle is in compliance and that at least 35% of light is getting through the tinting that you decide to put on your windows.

What happens if you don’t do the right thing and you make your car too dark? If you’re going to put tint on your car and it’s more than the legal limit, chances are you’re going to get pulled over. When you get pulled over as long as you’re polite and everything else is in compliance most likely you’re going to get what called a repair order. The repair order is going to be a sheet of paper similar to a warning citation that’s going to tell you what’s wrong, obviously in this case, that your tint is too dark and give you a certain amount of time to correct the matter.

Unfortunately, correcting the matter in this case usually means getting the tint remove. It is a big deal and it’s going to cost you a decent amount of money to fix the problem. So, to avoid all that go to a reputable place, find somebody who knows the laws in Maryland and can do a job that makes your car look and is in compliance with the Maryland law.