Dealing With Cosmetic Treatment Injury Claims

Every day millions of women visit beauty salons to avail various cosmetic treatments/services. This includes haircuts, threading, hair dying, massages, manicures and pedicures, and host of other services are available. While one rarely thinks about it, beauty salons actually possess very dangerous environments. So, what should one do if one is injured at the beauty salon?

From people hustling about with razors, scissors, and other sharp objects to potentially dangerous electrical appliances near sinks, to all variety of chemicals, the possibility for harm in a hair salon is significantly astounding. However, there is a number of people who are not injured each year is actually a testament to professionalism as well as the qualifications of those who practice in these fields. Still, accidents happen and injuries occur, but when they do at a beauty salon, they can range from merely embarrassing to deadly.

Common Injuries at Beauty Salon 

The most common beauty salon injuries are burns. Potential and existing customers are routinely burned by curling irons, waxes, hairdryers and harsh chemicals. Though these injuries are minor, however, in some instances, they have led to things like permanent hair loss, scarring and other injuries associated with a beauty salon. Apart from this, other common areas of injury are back and neck, head injury, lacerated by scissors or clippers, at times leading to fairly serious pain and bleeding.

In such situations, one can have a claim for the injuries against the beauty salon for negligence. To prove this claim as credible, one needs to show that the beauty salon or the individual employee who caused the personal injury owed a duty to protect their clientele from such injuries. Failing to comply with the due diligence as per the reasonable standards of care to prevent such injuries, the plaintiff was injured as a direct result of this breach of duty. The damages might include compensatory damages for medical expenses, pain, and suffering caused by the injury, and possibly even mental suffering. One can also file a claim against the salon outside of simple negligence which includes a claim for wrongful hiring or retention if the person who caused the injury is shown to be incompetent or unqualified.

Then in certain situations, one might also have claims against others outside of the salon. For instance, if an injury has been caused by a malfunctioning electrical appliance such as sparking hair dryer, dangerously designed curling iron or even have claims for product liability against the manufacturer. However, the same situation holds true if one is burned by an expiry chemical application such as depilatory product or hair dye. In such situations, one needs to prove that the product has been used for its intended purpose in an intended manner but nevertheless resulted in injury to the plaintiff.

Legal Recourse     

Hence, if you injured in a beauty salon, you need to contact a local personal injury attorney to help you with your claims. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, suffering and lost wages. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you in getting out of the difficult situation with ease.

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