How to Change Your Name in Missouri

How you change your name in Missouri.

We basically broke it down into 5 simple steps.

The first step being at the Missouri name change petition, completely fill it out. This is from the Missouri courts and it’s pretty self-explanatory form, we don’t need to go through all the lines and everything but you just need to know that you need to completely fill it out but don’t sign it you have to sign on Step 2 in front of a notary public, you can find a notary public at every branch bank in the United States. And usually if you have an account there like at Bank of America it’s free, but if you don’t have to count I think they charge around eight dollars. And when will you get that notarized? When you get that form all completed, you want to mail or hand deliver it to the court where you reside.

After a filing you’ll be instructed to make your name change public. Now, you’ll have to do this by are going to a newspaper where the court will probably direct you to, chances are that the court clerk will of the best newspaper that you’ll have to use to make your name change public. And what you have to do is publish your new name in a newspaper for three consecutive weeks. And after you publish for the third time you must submit to the clerk a publication of name change, this will come straight from the e newspaper, and basically just acknowledges that you have made your name change public and you have to do this within 10 days of the last publication of the newspaper. It’s very important that you do that, if you don’t do it within 10 days you’ve got to do this whole thing again.

A that point you’ll be instructed to go to the—either your hearing if someone objects to your name change or you will be instructed to you go to the county court clerk’s office where you can get your name change decree. Now, your name change decree is the official certificate for changing your name at any public or private institution. Now, that could be the DMV, Social Security office, pretty much anywhere where you got to want to change your name.