How long will it take to get my spouse a Green Card?

How long does it take to get my foreign national spouse the green card?

Now this tends to be broken down into two situations, one where the petitioning spouse is a US citizen and when the petitioning spouse is a legal permanent resident. I will answer the question as if the US citizen spouse is petitioning the foreign national. Timewise it generally takes about five months from start to finish. Now start, generally means the day that we file the completed adjustment of status petition. From that point about four weeks to a full month will go by before the biometrics or ASC appointment is sent in the mail.

Once the fingerprints is taken, which is what you do at an ASC appointment, another two months ago by so the total of three months from the date of filing to when the next step which is the work authorization and advance parole or travel permit is released to the beneficiary. At that point 1 month later, so we are at four months from the date of filing, generally petitioners will get a notice in the mail indicating what day their adjustment of status interview will be at. So, here we are at about four months from the date of filing from when a petitioner and a beneficiary will understand and know when their marriage interview dates going to be.

Now that’s generally three weeks from the date that they received the notice so here we are about four months and two weeks. By the time the interview occurs if it is recommended for approval it usually takes another two weeks for that approval to come in the mail and a green card to be released, that’s generally about a five month process. So, given all of steps that we indicated from the date of filing to when the biometrics ASC appointment is sent to when the work authorization and advance parole is sent up to the point when the interview notices sent, it’s generally going to be about four to five months.

Now we here in Los Angeles are seen a quicker turnaround time when it comes to the green card petition for US citizen sponsoring spouses. That being the case, we’re seeing even as quick as three-and-a-half months for the process to actually be completed. This tends to vary given how busy USCIS is but in general, five months is a good rule of thumb.