Will an Affair Affect my Rights in a Florida Divorce?


How does an extra-marital affair affect divorce proceedings in Florida?

An extra-marital affair will impact a divorce in Florida when it comes to equitable distribution and sometimes alimony. An extra-marital affair really only is concerning to the court if that affair somehow impacted the finances of the marriage. Unlike most states adultery is not a bar to alimony in Florida so there can be instances of extra-marital affairs where the party asking for alimony has participated in an extra-marital affair but it’s generally not a bar to receiving alimony in Florida, court will still consider alimony in these instances.

Again the court is really only concerned with whether or not the affair had a financial impact on the marriage in the sense that if one spouse was using a lot of his or her income to support the affair or if assets were being dwindled or dissipated or sold in order to support the affair or given to the mistress, so to speak, that will be a problem in the divorce because the spouse, the victim spouse should receive the value for the assets that were dissipated because half of those assets or income belong to the spouse. So, while it’s not a bar extra-marital affairs are not a bar to alimony, they are a concern when it comes to equitable distribution.

how does an affair affect my divorce?

And it’s important for you to contact a divorce lawyer qualified divorce lawyer in Miami if an affair is an issue in your divorce because we can analyze for you how that will affect the outcome of your divorce and it can affect how much property you may receive or how much of the assets you may receive or liabilities. So, contact us we’re standing by waiting to help you.