How Much Will I Pay in Child Support?

How do you determine child support? How do you determine spousal support? How is support determined in the state of California?

There is a California mandatory guideline which the courts are to follow in the state of California. In child support specially is very detailed and mandated by the state legislature. Spousal support can be a little less mandated and can vary from county to county. In my San Diego county office, located in Carlsbad there may be variations that I see in my Riverside county office based out in Marrieta.

Child support in particular can last until the child is 19 years of age or 18 years of age and has graduated from high school. So it is a very important process for someone who is going to be receiving child support or paying it to have this determined by professional to decide what is best for you. Child support can also be pay ordered and paid through college if it can be agreed between the parties. Most likely in all counties of the state of California, child support add ons we call them would be half of child care, half of uninsured medical expenses.

Spousal support is a different type of support than child support. It is used to equalize the standard of living that the parties had during the marriage. Most of the time, we see half the length of the marriage has a time period that a spousal support would be paid. Although if a marriage is 10 years of duration or longer becomes a long term marriage. A long term marriage is handled more differently in the state of California and in all counties. You will consult with your local attorney as to what differences those may be.

how much you'll pay in child support

In San Diego County out of my Carlsbad office, we can give you an idea of what support would be. We could use a support calculator that we have available on our computers. They are used by the courts throughout the state and we can give you an idea, a very good idea of what your support level would be whether you are paying or receiving. In the state of California there’s support software used by the courts. That support software is available in my San Diego county office and in my Riverside county office and could be used in a number of circumstances.

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