Annulment Vs. Divorce

No matter how confident a couple is about their relationship, there is no denying that breakups do happen. Not every marriage is a happily ever after kind of event. And, when there is incompatibility in the spouses and other deal breaking issues, many people are ready to turn towards annulment or divorce for relief. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

Annulment vs Divorce

For the former, the marriage is declared as null and void. Those involved claim that the marriage should not have taken place and is not legal at all. This has its own benefits as it will not create additional complications in the future. As per the court, the marriage never existed at all and there will be no other future issues regarding it. And, the court will try to restore both the parties back to their previous financial state.

In the case of divorce, this is an end to a legally wedded life. The marriage gets terminated in the court of law. This could have long impacts on a person’s future. One spouse could be asked to support the the other, pay alimony, get the property divided and other things.

Even though annulment looks like an attractive option, not everybody can actually qualify for it. Usually, one gets qualified for this if one of the spouses has misled the other one about some material facts. Other factors which can make a person qualify for it could include frauds, mental incapacity, failing to consummate, bigamy and other things. It does not take into consideration the length of the marriage. But, most of the marriages get annulled in the first couple of years. And, for people who cannot get qualified for it they still have the option of divorce.

If things don’t go well with your spouse, it may be a better option to get legally seperated. That was you will have the option of seeing what a life on your own would be like, and how it would affect your children. The following are videos explaining the differences between annulment and divorce.



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