What are the advantages of choosing a collaborative divorce in Florida?

The collaborative divorce approach is a process in which everyone basically works together to get the divorce result. The parties are going to use mental health professionals and financial experts to come in and figure out how we can best resolve the issues that are pending in this divorce. So, if there’s bitterness on either part of either party that’s holding other one back from giving certain property to the other party the mental health professional will come in and help resolve those issues for you.

The collaborative approach is not about fighting it’s about working together to get things done. So, the benefits with going with a collaborative approaches is you’re going to save stress. There’s often a lot of stress associated with the litigation approach which is just going straight to court and filing and moving toward a trial. Often parties get stressed because there are accusations flying back and forth. The collaborative approach is about again working together and not placing blame but just moving on and getting things done.

Another advantage to the collaborative approaches is that it may help you save a lot of money. Litigation can be very expensive the collaborative approach is sort of a way to budget and condense how much money we’re going to spend on a divorce by again working with the other side to get things resolved rather than fight about everything because fighting costs money. And the last thing is that most times the collaborated process saves you time. Litigation can take a lot of time depending on the judge’s calendar, how much discovery needs to be done in litigation. Divorce cases can span in litigation for two years or more. The collaborative approach can get done as quickly as you and your spouse work together and want to get things done.