Adultery Affect on Spousal Support for Cheating Spouses

My spouse committed adultery does it mean I get more or less support?

North Americans are governed by a no-fault system for divorce that does not focus on punishing someone who had an affair that has no economic impact this approach saves divorcing couples thousands of dollars and wasted energy.  In rare circumstances adultery can be relevant to a claim for spousal support. To win you need to prove you’re unable to work or become self-supporting as a consequence of being devastated by the affair. Now we all need to recognize that marriages are complicated institutions whose failure can rarely be attributed to one party or the other. Was the affair as a result of a bad marriage or did it cause the marriage to go bad? Because it’s often impossible to tell who’s at fault courts by and large eliminate conduct from the analysis of financial entitlement. Remember the winners in divorce are those who can move on to a satisfying post-separation life free of bitterness and recrimination.