Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Defined

Before you start reading about this topic in this article, you need to first understand what Sexual orientation discrimination means. It means that a person is treated in a different way because of the orientation of sex he or she has. A person could be a homosexual like gay or lesbian or a bisexual or an heterosexual. Such a person could be harassed or discriminated against based on the sex, identity, marital status etc. Even though our society has become quite modern and liberal, there is still a large population that does not accept every form of sexual preference as equal, and will conduct their business accordingly.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Could Include:

  1. Harassment: Such a person could face harassments in the form of sexual jokes, leering, hostile comments, and requests for sex or could also be pressurized for dates. The harasser could be the employer, supervisor, customers or could be just about any other person.
  2. Differential treatment: In an office environment, such a person could be overlooked for promotions or could be fired just because the boss doesn’t like the sexual orientation that he or she has. Some of the companies may act in a subtle manner and some could act more explicitly but the discrimination will be quite obvious.
  3. Being discriminated on via benefits: While the company could give out benefits such as health insurance etc for the spouses of the heterosexual employees, the homosexuals might not be able to get those benefits as one might not be able to get married to that person legally.
  4. Employment opportunities: Such people could be refused employment, promotions, trainings, transfers and further growth chances.

Anybody who has faced such kinds of differential treatments has been a victim of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

It is against the law to treat such people differently just because of their sexual orientation and such people should not be put at a disadvantage because of this and victimized. Even though there are no Federal laws governing this, there are some State laws which prohibit this kind of discrimination in workplaces.

Such victims may have the options to issue a claim in the tribunal for employment within 3 months of being discriminated and the employers would be liable for such a discriminatory behavior. People who face such discrimination can seek help from legal specialists who have the knowledge and the experience and can help you fight your case.

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