Personal Injury 101: The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You’re about to buy car insurance, your primary goal is to stay as low as possible in terms of cost but you also want to make sure that your adequately covered in case you have an accident you know for sure that you want to get the bodily injury protection so just in case you injure someone in an accident in which you are at fault your car insurance will pay for their medical bills, lost wages and so on. But the insurance agent is also asking you if you want to get something called uninsured motorist coverage and you’ve never heard of that before and you’re wondering, what in the world is that? And is it really necessary for me to get it?

Yes, you want to get it and here’s why. Let’s say that you are in a car accident and you’re not at fault someone else has rear handed and it’s their responsibility to cover your injuries but person doesn’t have car insurance or maybe they have car insurance but they don’t have the type or the amount of coverage that will pay ball or some of your medical bills. Yes you could choose to go after that person, that driver personally as an individual to try to get money to pay for your damages but good luck with that if this happens to you and you need money to pay your medical bills and other related expenses you will either be very happy that you got uninsured motorist coverage or really sorry that you didn’t. Your UM policy will kick in and cover those medical bills and other related expenses above what your basic PIP coverage will pay. Whenever the person who injured you is either uninsured or underinsured and this will be covered up to the limits of your UM policy.


So here’s the bottom line, my advice fight the bullet and get the coverage. One day you’ll be glad you did even if you already have auto insurance go ahead and give your insurance company a call and confirm that you have uninsured motorist coverage and if not simply request a quote from them. You would be surprised that it won’t cost you that much more than you’re already paying. You may be tempted to save a few dollars by skipping UM coverage but not having it could really come back to bite you in the rear and collision type of situation in the future.