All You Need to Know If You’ve Been Injured

Welcome Curt it’s good to be here Marla, thank you. So tell me what we should know before we give a statement to an insurance adjuster.

Well the basic advice we give people is don’t do it. Now that advice is not very practical people give statements all the time, so what they really need to do is plan for it.

How do you plan to give an insurance statement?

Well you have to understand what the adjuster’s goal is when he’s interviewing you and that goal is to get you to say things that are going to be used against you or are going to reduce the actual value of your claim your actual damages you really incurred so you need to be careful with them. Does he really need a statement? They don’t really need a statement they got a police report they know what happened in the wreck they got your medical records they know how you’re doing physically so they’re really have an underlying goal here. I mean when we have clients that were actually taken in these injury cases and have gone into court one of the things they do is give a statement it’s called a deposition and we will take three or four hours at times to prepare people for that deposition so that they make sure their truth comes out and their words don’t get twisted by the insurance company lawyers and their approaches to dealing with you in this interview. We were dealing with this, my partner John and I were dealing with this and put together a blog post on this issue and we came up with 20 different things that people need to think about when they’re getting ready to give a statement as part of planning to give a statement for the insurance adjuster.

Twenty separate things?

Yes, I mean the point is don’t take the request for a statement lightly they make it seem like you have to do it and you ought to do it and that it’s a normal thing but you need to be focused on it and thinking about it if you’re the injured person.

So before I give an insurance statement I need to go to the Holzer-Edwards Law website and make sure I review your blog?

Absolutely take a look at the blog post and plan for that statement don’t take it lightly.

Thank you so much Kurt.