Does It Matter Which Doctor I Visit For Personal Injury?

Does it matter which doctor I visit for a personal injury?

If you have a head injury in its neurological you need to see a neurologist not a dentist it’s kind of funny but you need to see the right doctor for that kind of injury and so many people will go talk to their doctor or someone they respect and just don’t get the right treatment and if you use the wrong doctor a lot of times you have a head injury and you have a TMJ issue or something like that you need to see someone that can testify in court. Use common sense you don’t go to see a foot doctor for a hand problem and vice versa. But people do choose the wrong doctors. The biggest thing is that chiropractic has its place for the soft tissue injuries and has its place for other things and for physical therapy but they are not diagnostic doctors. You’re never going to get causation or great causation from them you will not. You will get treatment records but you are not going to get causation from them and you need to prove causation so you’ve got to pick the right doctors the right specialist and you’ve got to go see them. You can’t miss appointments because if you miss appointments the defense will tell the jury that if you missed appointments it must not have been hurting you that bad because otherwise you would have went to them. Choose the right doctor. Use your head. Use some common sense and go to the appointments.