A good lawyer can save your life.

A bad lawyer can ruin it.

Trying to find the best lawyer without a personal referral is a big gamble.

There’s a lot of pressure. How can I tell the good from the bad? How do I research attorneys’ backgrounds? What if I do all of this research and still get tricked by an ambulance chaser?

At Law Firm Finders, we make the process of finding the best law firm easy and reliable. Those facing serious legal situations need to know that their lawyer is one of, if not the, best attorney that they could hire. 

Avoid painful hours of difficult research, effective marketing that promotes bad lawyers, and worrying about whether or not you are making the right choice. We have several years of experience identifying what makes an attorney the best.

About Us

Law Firm Finders is comprised of a team of professionals that are dedicated to helping people avoid bad attorneys. A bad lawyer can result in a free man or woman spending their lives behind bars, or a paralyzed car accident victim being unable to pay their medical bills. Countless people’s lives are ruined by subpar legal reputation every day, and the internet hasn’t helped.

Why Use Law Firm Finders?

We save you from…

Countless hours of in-depth research.
Smooth-talking, bad attorneys with fake reviews.
Misleading "best attorney" sites that law firms pay for.
Sleepless nights worrying that you've made the wrong choice.

How We Find The Best Law Firm For You

Step 1:

You submit your case type, the city you are located in, and what you want from your attorney.

Step 2:

Your “law firm finder” will use Yelp, Google, background checks, state bar info, news publications, case results, and more to find the best possible attorneys for you.

Step 3:

Based on your law firm finder's in-depth research, they will choose the three best law firms for your specific needs.

Step 4:

Your law firm finder sends you a report that details their research process, including who they believe are the three best law firms for you. You then choose the firm you feel most comfortable with.

Why You Can Trust Us

We do not receive money or financial incentive from any law firms. Giving you a great experience is our only priority.

We have extensive legal experience. We know exactly how law firms hide their sins.

Ready To Put Your Finder To Work?

Your Personal Law Firm Finder

One Week Report Turnaround.

Your Personal Law Firm Finder

24 Hour Report Turnaround

Our Testimonials

Law Firm Finders is an awesome service that I would recommend to anyone. When I'm dropping $50,000+ on an attorney, it better be the right one. Law Firm Finders was very thorough and the price made it a no-brainer. Could not be happier with my lawyer.
I spent 5 hours researching lawyers on Google when it dawned on me "how do I know if these reviews are even real?". Law Firm Finders checked areas I would have never thought were important, and even confirmed review authenticity. Highly recommend.